A Definitive Guide to the Best Personal Lube for Sex

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It will be humiliating to ask how much people love to have sex. Instead, asking them whether they love the way they are doing it may seem a reasonable question. You might say, “I am just having sex. What is the big deal?” But undoubtedly and unarguably, sex is an art, adventure, and a game of excitement. We can see a lot of couples breaking up due to unsatisfactory sex life. Let others spend thousands of dollars to make their sex a pleasurable one. Nevertheless, you can count on a personal lube that will instantly erase all hazardous situations in your sex life. Even health specialists recommend this repeatedly.

A personal lube will assist you in intercourse like vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex, playing with toys, and masturbation. Now the question arises whether there are specific lubes for different forms of intercourse. Suppose you are interested in having anal sex (check out this post). There are customized lubes for more specific intercourse. Do not worry; since you have landed on the right website, we will take care of guiding you all the way to select the best lube that suits your requirement. Let us continue, and I assure you that you will not be disappointed. Our prime intention is to ensure you get the perfect lube for a safe, healthy, and unforgettable sex experience.

Types of personal lube:

We can find several kinds of personal lubes in the market. Some popular are:

  1. Water-based lube 
  2. Silicon-based lube 
  3. Oil-based lube
  4. Flavored lube 
  5. Warming  lube

Buying Guideline to Choose the Best Lube:

If you are interested in having a special way of intercourse, you could follow the following guidelines. However, if you need more information on these subjects, we have a bunch of posts, reviews, and blog articles on our website. We sincerely hope to deliver you the best guideline for satisfactory sex.

  • Vaginal sex is the most conventional act of intercourse. We generally do not bother to use lube when having vaginal sex. But you will be pleased to know that a water-based lube will help you to avoid distressful situations due to vaginal dryness, vaginal irritation, and sensitive skin.
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  • Anal sex is considered one of the hardest forms of intercourse as the anus does not have any lubricating mechanism. Hence, it is more on the dry side. However, if you like to omit the word hardest from the above statement, moving on to silicon-based lube is the best choice. Not like any other lube, silicone-based ones have more texture. They do not dry up quickly as water-based lubes. Accordingly, if your expectation is for long-lasting and safe anal sex, silicone-based lubes are a perfect choice.
  • Flavored lube will make it interesting if you are also a person who is not enjoying oral sex very much. A variety of flavors will spin in your head; believe me; you will not be able to think of taking your mouth out of it anymore.
  • Most of us love to have some massage from our partner before, after, and while having sex. An oil-based lube will help to full fill the need.
  • Many of us love to play with sex toys while having sex. But if you are using them with lube, there is a matter to be concerned about. Most of such toys are made of silicone, so you have to avoid silicone-based lube and water-based ones that will give you the solution.
  • One of the most exciting experiences would be having sex in the shower. The best way to make this joy happen is to use thicker and long-lasting silicone-based lubricant. Other forms of lubes are easily washed away.
  • Parabens and glycerin are harmful to health. In some cases, they lead to developing cancers. So before buying a lube, go through the label carefully. Some famous brands also use this sort of dangerous preservative. So be vigilant of these names (Parabens and Glycerin) when you buy a lube.
  • For lengthier lovemaking, you will need a long-lasting lube, so seek a silicone-based lube.
  • If anyone is concerned about sperm health, a pre-seed fertility-friendly lubricant will be the best choice for them.

Top lubricant reviews

Intimate Personal Lube and Moisturizer By Healthy Vibes

Our impression:

Image Source: Amazon.com

This US-made lubricant is considered the best water-based lubricant available in the market. Most importantly, it is free of paraben, one of the main causes of cancer, as we mentioned above. It could be washed easily with mild soap and warm water. It replenishes skin dehydration and leads to increase natural lubrication of your body. Further, It is flavorless, odorless, and sugar-free. So, in short, it is user-friendly. It could be used with condoms and sex toys without any hesitation. It supports the needs of both genders, male and female, and any skin type. The premium quality ingredients made it more classic.


  • 100% smoothness has made it one of the silkiest lubricants.
  • Formulated to last long.
  • Takes away any discomfort.


  • Some of you might think it is too watery.

Pre-Seed Personal Lube

Image Source: Amazon.com

Our impression:

The best is ‘Pre-Seed Fertility-Friendly Personal Lubricant,’ which is available on the market. This special lubricant is meant for couples who like to get pregnant and want to continue their sex life without worry. This is clinically proved as a sperm-friendly lubricant and is often prescribed by doctors. It is capable of reducing vaginal dryness and irritation while protecting the sperms. Since this is an herbal product, it assures antioxidant support. You will be surprised to know that saliva and water can cause sperm damage. Undoubtedly, ‘Pre Seed Personal Lubricant’ should be the first choice.


  • Sperm friendliness ensures your potency
  • Since it is glycerin-free, sperms can swim without any disruption
  • Enhances the level of comfort and reduces sexual anxiety


  • Bit expensive than other lubes

Personal Lube by Penchant – The Best Silicone Lube for Men and Women

Our impression:

‘Silicone-based lube’ could be considered one of the best lubricants for both males and females. It lasts for hours and does not get sticky and dry out. Its attractive packaging makes it unique, so none has to hide it. You can use it in the shower, like in the hot bathtub. It is a product U.S.A, and they have not compromised at all about the quality of the product. It maintains all the medical standards, paraben-free, and ensures the highest level of safety standards and FDA 510k approval rating. Its premium quality and silkiness will take you to another dimension you have never thought of before.

Image Source: Amazon.com


  • The only product that gives a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Ensures 100% Satisfaction
  • Best ingredients that ensure the premium quality
  • Easy to clean and odor-free.


  • Extremely slippery. Once it gets in your hand, it is difficult to handle the bottle and your partner.

Luxxx Beauty Premium Intimate Lubricant Spray 8 Fl Oz for Sensitive Skin

Our impression:

Renew Gentle Feminine Wash by Luxxx Beauty
Image Source: Amazon.com

‘Luxxx beauty intimate lubricant’ is a premium water-based lube. It is specially formulated to improve the lovemaking and enhance sexual satisfaction. It is an odorless, non-sticky, silky, ultra-long product and will not stain. Luxxx is produced by a company specializing in women’s products; it takes care of the issues related to vaginal dryness, irritation, and sensitive skin issues. Don’t worry, guys; they also have ensured the men’s sexual satisfaction. The sex toy friendliness of the product makes your activity more dynamic. You can wash it out easily with mild water flow. High-quality body-safe ingredients made it smoother and enhanced vaginal moisture. So, it is ‘THE BEST’ quality product available for you in the market.


  • Sex toys are supportive and latex-free.
  • Long-lasting compared to the rest of the water-based lubricants.
  • Budget-friendly premium quality product.


  • Some have found it a bit sticky (but it isn’t very important).

Benefits of using personal lubricant

The benefits of using personal lube are different and multiple. Some of them are:

  • Alleviates vaginal dryness – If vaginal dryness is disturbing you, a personal lube will provide the expected lubrication and ensure pain-free sex is as enjoyable as when you were young.
  • Erotic massage – If selected wisely, a personal lube will support you for an erotic massage the way you prefer.
  • Reduces friction – If there is any friction, penetration can be uncomfortable, painful, and difficult. Since a personal lube is soft and smooth, it creates slipperiness that makes sex a pleasing one.
  • Increases sex appetite – When giving oral sex becomes difficult, flavored and scented personal lubricant spray will be a definite turn-on.
  • Combat diseases – Some lubes appear to have properties to combat certain parts of HIV. But more research should be carried out before it is used as the only barrier. It is a safe way to get more pleasure out of your sex life, and as there are so many brands and types available all around, you have to decide what type is best suited for you.
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A Common Question:

I wish to try lube during intercourse, but I’m uncertain how to use it. Help!

A natural wetter is usually good when it refers to maxing out your mattress sessions. As your natural wetness can greatly reduce at times due to various things (such as birth control pills, stress, and medication), adding lube helps lessen penetration, so sex is pleasant rather than painful. But using sex lubricant can be helpful in case you don’t have vaginal dryness. It enhances the below-the-belt exotic experience and allows man to thrust longer and feel harder without causing discomfort.

Though lubrication is possible from oil, water, silicone, or petroleum, water-based lube has to be your best bet: It’s safe with condoms (oil and petroleum-based lubes might cause latex to deteriorate); it’s simply washed away (you are at greater risk of getting being infected with silicone-based lube as it isn’t water-soluble, so it will be much harder to wash it and any lingering bacteria away); plus it won’t stain your sheets. If you are prone to vaginal yeast infections, use a water-based lube made without glycerin (sugars within glycerin feed yeast, triggering it to multiply) for a similar slippery satisfaction.

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Once you have scored some slick stuff (give it a try solo to get a brand you like), keep it by your bed for quick access. Whenever you and your man are fooling around, turn on foreplay by pouring a nickel-sized dollop within your palm and rubbing hands together to make it warm; then, slowly spread it on the tip of his dick and work your way down his shaft. Make sure he can return the favor and smooth some over your sizzling hot spots. When you’re all set to do the action, give each other lube jobs yet again, only at this point rub the lube over his condom. You can enhance his sensation with a drop into the tip of the condom just before rolling it on.

While having sex, replenish the lube whenever you feel a little dry. Simply stop, have him pull out so you can reapply it over his condom, then let him glide back in. Make sure you never overdo it: A little wetness of the vaginal part will ease penetration, but an excessive amount can make it impossible to get frisky friction.

Why I publish this post

The main reason I build this post is my interest in sharing the benefits of using lubes. It does not matter what form of sex it takes or if another person or toy is involved. It is possible to make the activity enjoyable and eliminate pain and discomfort by selecting the correct lube. I like people enjoying sexual activity rather than fearing it.

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Image Source: – The Marriage Bed

Wrap up

There is a personal lube suiting to everyone and for everything. Once you have read up on the category that matches you, you can try using a few of them until you get the best one. All lubes are generally good ones. But some serve better than others for specific requirements.

To give you some more options to choose from, have a look at these. Our next article will be on these for sure.

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