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Corrosion due to rusting is a natural phenomenon that can destroy many valuable components. As a result, rust removal is one of the most important things in mass finishing and maintenance. It is the oxidized metal with which the metal and alike surfaces become stained, tainted, or tarnished. You can do three things to remove rust: sanding or grinding them down, preventing them by chemical solutions that convert rust to provide a protective barrier or direct application of rust remover spray. Here we also include the term ‘Rust’ to indicate the discoloration from reactive stains appearing on metallic or non-metallic surfaces such as fiberglass, vinyl, porcelain, etc.

As the problem has been there, many solutions have been introduced in the market to help people get rid of the rusty problems. Rust removers come in different packages and are applied in various ways. The most common are the sprays we have centered our discussion on. The spray is the most convenient and easy-to-use rust remover solution for rust removal. However, choosing the best one is not always easy as there are plenty in the market to confuse you. We’ve tried our best to come out with some of the top rust remover sprays in 2020. While making this list, we’ve considered a few things: the convenience of use, effectiveness, user experience, and user-friendly indexes like toxicity, odor, etc. Nonetheless, we expect our readers to go thoroughly to have a right about the products so they can be compared and chosen.

Shima Rust Remover Spray

Shima Rust Remover Spray
Image Source: Amazon.com

Here we start our list with a decent rust removal option, the Shima Rust Remover Spray. It is a quick cleaning option; at the same time, it also works as a long-term rust blocker. This rust remover for metal is an excellent protectant as an anti-rust lubricant. It’s time you don’t worry about those heavy-duty rusts and corrosion in the metal surfaces of your stuff; bring back its radiance with Shima Rust Remover.

Super-Effective Cleaning Agent

The Shima rust remover is a great agent for cleaning and removing oxidation, rust, atomization, and other fine particles from all your metal surfaces. This helps you restore the luster of your all-important metal stuff that you can use for years.

Large Scope Of Applications 

The Shima Spray works great when applied to metal surfaces such as magnesium, chrome, aluminum, and stainless steel lamps. It is also effective for wrought iron products as well. Nonetheless, the expanded range of stuff that it covers is mainly the metal body, parts made of chrome-plate, stainless steel handles, etc.

Great Finish

As it is said, this spray brightens your metal stuff; besides, it also decontaminates surfaces. The spray provides a great metal coating finish while providing a polished surface. You will find the rust has gone without causing any damage to your paint.

Increase Longevity and Saves Money

This rust-removing agent increases the longevity of your metallic stuff of home and vehicles. It saves you money and also from the hassles of replacements.

What We Suggest

As we said, we’ve started our list with a pretty decent option that also comes at a very reasonable price. So, you should expect an average performance at such a price. We have more variants that can perform better as a rust remover in our list below.

Evapo-Rust Remover

Image Source: Amazon.com

When it comes to rust remover, you surely want a product of extensive research. Here we have one that is water-based rust removing agent named Evapo-Rust. It removes rust in no time without any need to scrub. It’s an easy-to-use tool that anyone will love to use to restore rusted tools, automotive parts, and firearms to look in new condition. One gallon can remove around ½ a pound of rust which is quite huge.

Environmentally Safe

An environmentally safe rust remover should always get the priority to be the top pick. Evapo-Rust is one of such kind as it is a water-based product and is also biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and safe for eyes and skin. It doesn’t have bad odors or fumes and is free from acid, base, solvent, or VOC.  

Non Harmful Effects

This rust remover is safe for unrusted steel or plastic as it doesn’t affect them and for the PVC, Viton, and paints. There is no need for additional equipment like gloves, masks, or protective wear. It is also non-flammable and safely disposable by easily pouring down the drain.

Rust Remover
Image Source: Amazon.com

Scope of Applications

It has a wide scope of applications to cover. Evapo-Rust uses include grill gates, antiques, iron cookware, automotive parts, sewing machines, and more.

Reusable and Efficient

The Evapo-Rust rust remover is reusable, making it capable of de-rusting 300 lbs. of steel with one gallon. So the thickness of the rust is not an issue anymore. It can completely remove even the heaviest of rust in minutes.

What We Say

If you want to restore your tools from the heaviest of rust instead of replacing them, then the Evapo-Rust rust remover is the option to turn to. Easy to apply as you will barely need any scrubbing or sanding. You should see the effect pretty quickly as well. All in all, it can be your top pick for the day.

FERTAN 23520 Rust Remover

The Fertan automotive rust remover spray is another decent option on our list. This is a specialized rust remover for cars and other automotive parts as you get them rust-free in no time. However, it is also an effective anti-rust lubricant option for any metal surface. It works as a good caretaker for the metal paints as well. 

Effective Cleaning Option

Rust removing is not the only task this spray can accomplish. It also works as an effective cleaner that removes oxidation, atomization, and fine particles from metal surfaces. 

Applicable Scope

This spray applies to all automotive chrome plated parts and metal sanitaryware. It works well on stainless steel products as well. It helps to restore the luster of metal surfaces such as chrome, magnesium, and aluminum.

Rust Remover 1
Image Source: Amazon.com

Takes Care of Paint and Finish

As we said, this spray takes amazing care of the paint and brightens the metal stuff. The spray helps with metal coating finish with a polished surface. The surface will look more radiant without causing any damage to your paint.

Saves On Money 

This rust remover spray will help you save on your money as it increases the longevity to get you rid of any replacement.

What We Suggest

This one is almost similar in price and performance to the abovementioned one. This should be a decent option if you are looking for an average rust remover spray. But we also say that there are better products, maybe at a higher price, that you can choose from.

B’laster 16-PB-DS ProStraw Powerful Rust Penetrating Catalyst and Lubricant 

B’laster Rust Remover Spray is the next option on our list. This non-toxic rust remover can rescue your metal and make it usable for a long time. You can use it as a cleaner and polisher for your metal stuff.

Perfect Cleaner

It works as a perfect cleaner for all the metal parts. It removes all the fine particles associated with metal parts and pulls out oxidation and atomization. Thus it helps to restore the luster of your stuff.

Scope of Application

It is a useful rust remover for stainless steel and other metal products. This spray also includes a large microfiber cloth in its application list. Chromium-plated metal parts and wrought iron products are also subjects of its application.

Rust Remover 2
Image Source: Amazon.com

No Need For Replacing Stuffs

This spray brightens and decontaminates surfaces to increase their longevity and make them perfectly usable for a long time. Your vehicle’s logo will shine as new after a wash with this spray.


This rust remover spray is a cost-effective option that saves on money and helps you from making any metal replacements. 

What We Suggest

This rust remover spray is a decent option for home use and vehicle maintenance. This will provide a mediocre performance which is nothing to shout about. But for general purpose use, this should prove to be a good one. 

Star Brite Rust Remover Spray

Image Source: Amazon.com

Now it’s time to upgrade our list with performance-boosting rust remover spray. The Star Brite Rust Remover is an easy-to-use advanced option to clean and resist corrosion of your metal hardware. We take on some of its features that you will surely love.

Experienced Campaigner

Star Brite has been in the market since 1973, manufacturing its products in the United States. They have initiated the stain cleaner formula that starts working on contact and dissolves oxidation of the causes of the stains.

Scope of Applications

The scope of this spray’s application covers the same as the others. However, this one is particularly formulated for RV and marine applications. Besides, it is an ideal option for home uses and removing sprinkler rust stains.

Rust Remover 3
Image Source: Amazon.com


The ease of using this rust remover spray is one of its specialties to watch out for. It would help if you sprayed, wiped it off, and rinsed it clean without rubbing or scrubbing. 

Clean Corrosion Stains

This spray is an effective option to clean corrosion stains that occur in metal hardware, bolts, nuts, and marine fittings. It also cleans corrosion stains off fiberglass, vinyl, and painted surfaces.

What We Suggest

It is one of our top picks for readers looking for a good rust remover spray. You should get the performance as you will expect. Heavy rust spots might need more than one application but should work perfectly on the newer and lighter ones.

Loctite Naval Jelly Rust Dissolver

Image Source: Amazon.com

The Loctite Naval Jelly Rust Dissolver from Henker is another great addition we have to our list. It is ideal for both light or heavily rusted items. It is an ultra-effective rust-removing agent for metal and alike surfaces. This rust remover is well-formulated and shows a quick performance when applied correctly. 

Trusted Brand

Henkel Loctite is a well-known and trusted name for rust removal. They have been in the market for over 55 years, with the Loctite products delivering proven performance. When you use it, you’ll know why it is one of the trusted brands in this category.

Quick and Effective

The best thing about this is that you get a quick result on its application. It removes rust from your metal and alike surfaces just before your eyes. Brush it on and see the rust dissolving; rinse it off to get a newer-looking rust-free surface in no time.

Great Protection

Its formula is greatly effective for the heavily rusted surface. Besides, it is also protective in terms of preserving the character from future moisture exposure when applying a topcoat.

Scope of Application

This rust dissolver works great on metal surfaces to remove rust. It also removes bluing from the surface like reels, guns, etc. 

Apply Efficiently

Applying the Naval Jelly is pretty easy; however, you need to consider a few things, such as applying it on rusty surfaces free from oil, dirt, and grease. It is important to wipe off quickly from the painted surface and allow 15-20 minutes before rinsing it off, except for chrome-plated surfaces that need not more than 5 minutes. Heavily corroded surfaces will need repeated applications.

What we say

When it comes to stubborn rust/stains, you can put a tick on the Henkel Loctite Naval Jelly to dissolve rust on your metal stuff. This can be your answer to removing years of stains. However, turning to this rust remover will satisfy you regardless of heavy or light rusting.

Star Brite Rust Eater & Converter

Star Brite Rust Eater & Converter
Image Source: Amazon.com

This is another version for rust removing solution from Star Brite. But this time, it works differently as it chemically turns rust into steel. It works in a way as it swallows down the rust to make it invisible. There are some interesting features of this rust remover that we’ll be discussing here. 

Chemically Well Formulated

This rust remover chemical is designed in a way to eliminate rust and oxidation that will not cause any damage to the original product. It converts the rust to a solid and stable form.

Excellent Base Coat

A coating surface with the rust eater makes a great base coat for metal painting. When applied correctly, you can see its effect for years. 

Safe and Sound

The Star Brite Rust Eater is biodegradable, making it safe for the environment. Another plus is its special buffering process, which makes the acidic product safe.

Scope of Applications

It can be widely used in any metal application, fiberglass surface, or almost any surface vulnerable to rust. As it can work as a base coat for paints, the painted surfaces will surely be safe after using it.

What We Say

If the purpose is to protect the surface of your stuff from rust, then using the Star Brite Rust Eater as a base coat alongside the paint is undoubtedly the best option. Star Brite is a well-known brand, and its performance should impress you.

Rust-Oleum Automotive 

Rust-Oleum Automotive 
Image Source: Amazon.com

We have another addition similar to the previous one here. It can protect the surface of your favorite items from rust and make them paintable. It prevents any future rust and increases its longevity. Nonetheless, it can save you a lot of time and money on replacing stuff.

Converting Rust

If you want to see your product rust-free easily, then this Rust-Oleum Rust Remover can help you big time. It easily converts rust into a protected and paintable surface. You don’t have to remove rust again on the same thing as it prevents future rusting.

Less Effort Much Results

Sanding rust down to the bare metal is the old way to deal with it. Providing such an effort is not needed anymore with the Rust-Oleum. As it easily converts the rust and makes it invisible to save your effort and provide an instant result. 

Comfortable To Use

This rust converting spray is pretty comfortable to use as well. It is an any-angle spray with a comfortable tip making it easy and effective at the same time. 

Works as Base Coat

Similar to the previous one, this one also bonds the coat to the product surface. This way, it makes the coating and painting more sustainable. 

What We Say

When you don’t want to sand the rust all the way but instead want something easy and effective, use the Rust-Oleum rust remover for your home tools and vehicle maintenance. This is a great product and can reform your rusty metal stuff.

WD-40 Multi-Use Lubricant Smart Straw Spray

WD-40 Multi-Use Lubricant Smart Straw Spray
Image Source: Amazon.com

WD-40 is one of the most prominent names in product maintenance for factories, workshops, and homes. They do make things to deliver performance and achieve reliability. They keep their promise with their popular WD-40 Multi-Use Lubricant, which can be used as a super effective rust remover spray. They are one of the pioneers in the market and have been delivering high-end solutions since the 1950s. Let us take a deep look into the WD-40 lubricant and its features to get a clear idea about its effectiveness as a rust remover.

 Super Effective

As we’ve been discussing rust-removing spray, we put one of the best on the market, the WD-40 Multi-Use Lubricant. It protects metal from corrosion and rust, removes moisture, and lubricates almost everything. This spray can penetrate stuck parts and make things perfectly usable and look new. It has had several documented success stories as rust removing tool for over 60 years.

 Sprays 2 Ways

One of its unique features is its smart straw spray that can spray in 2 ways. You can flip it up for streaming and down for spraying. This makes it more comfortable to use.

Moisture Killer

Moisture is the root cause of rust. The WD-40 drives out moisture quickly to leave stuff dry out and keep the system safe. It eliminates the chance of moisture-induced short circuits or other problems that can occur due to rust.

Rust Remover 4
Image Source: Amazon.com

Corrosion Inhibitor

Corrosion is a big problem for all metal products; the WD-40 works as a corrosion inhibitor providing a shield against corrosive elements and moisture to prevent future rusting.

Great Lubrication To Loosen Rusty Bonds

It lubricates moving parts like hinges, rollers, wheels, chains, gears, etc., and frees from sticky stuff like grime, gum, grease, glue, sticker residue, etc. It penetrates and loosens rusty bonds to release stocks in rusted or frozen parts.

What We Say

Here we have kept the best for the last. The WD-40 is probably the handiest toolkit you could have in your can for maintenance work. Whether anything is rusty or sticky, use the WD-40 rust remover to spray it on to get rid of this. It will surely bring back the luster of your stuff and make it work as smoothly as you want.

Conclusive Words

A rust remover spray around the house is always handy to help restore metal products and tools to new conditions. They also help to unstick the sticky residues. As we conclude our discussion, it would be great to announce our overall favorite rust remover spray on the list. It’s the WD-40 Multi-Use Lubricant that we find the best option. It comes from a trusted brand and has proven performance on various surfaces. Some other contenders on the list perform well in removing rust, like the Star Brite and Evapo-Rust rust removers. We hope we’ve been able to give you a good idea about rust remover sprays to help you choose the best one.

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